Bonnie and Clyde!

Recently I was part of a couples themed fashion and ended up creating one of my favorite outfits so far. Here is Bonnie and CyldeImage

Bonnie is wearing a flowered blouse with wide legged satin pants. This style of pants was very popular in the early 30’s and many photos show Blanch Barrow, sister in law to Clyde and other female member of the gang often wore pants on road trips. Image


Bonnie was pretty famous for wearing berets, another trend in the early 30s’. She had a gorgeous blue one with sequins on when she was killed. Image

Along with Bonnies hat from the scene of their death is Clydes, note the size of the ribbon and brim area. Men often wore large ribbons with bows upon their hats, yet they still looked tough. Go figure. Image

One of my absolute favorite things about a mans suite from the 30s was the strips. All the combinations of strips suites with stripe vest and polka dots are so awesome. I wanted to incorporate that and made my fave piece, a striped vest then picked up a vintage striped tie to go with it. His pants areĀ  a tan plaid pattern and a little baggy in the lengths but fit perfect in the waist and butt. Again that’s the way the men wore their pants, looking sexy and tough and like real men. Image

Both Bonnie and Clyde were very in style and wore the latest trends. They looked so cool while killing people, that, that in itself should be a crime. ImageImageImage